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Hymne à l'amour

The voice of  Edith Piaf is a really unmixable one, apt to endless shades, from aggressive to soft and mild tones, influenced by tenderness.

It is a voice that tells about troubles and rebellion and which reminds us the charme of a mythical Paris of the 40' s and the 50's, when she was a star out of discussion.

It is a voice that calls  back sad memories of a marked fragile life. A life imprinted by a difficult childhood because of misery and  a succession of dramatic events, illness,loves, addicts, which followed her till her death.

An intense and unhappy life which permeates every tunes of her songs, getting straight to the heart of all listeners.

All the words of her songs on the contrary disclose a woman who can be strong and brave, who shows that she can face her life without being overwhelmed by regrets and wrong choices (Non, je ne regrette rien).

This dance portrait is inspired by her painful  life and by her famous songs which have made Edith Piaf an everlasting personage, who yet still excites pure emotions.

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