Gallery of images in the Summer Music Festival of Wieliczka:

A subtle and delicate homage to the great soprano, not only consecrated as a divinity for her talent and for her unique voice but also for her fascinating personality, both as a strong and yet fragile woman who still captivates us. It is a danced "portrait" that aims to re-establish the complexity of this incredible

theatrical personality who has embodied countless lyrical characters, bringing them to the most prestigious stages in the world.

The artist Callas lives again on stage in the choreographic movements of the dancers who represent her in the shoes of the characters from the works that made her immortal but also retracing her more human life events, her intimate personal dramas, that of an abandoned woman, a wife and an unfulfilled woman who could not be a mother. This is all played out in a game of mirrors between artistic life and private life, where the splendour and the sparkle of the stage, the roar of the applause that welcomed her in every corner of the world could not conceal what can only be considered one of the greatest love tragedies of our time.

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