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is a young Florentine dance company founded in 2007 by the choreographer / dancer Alberto Canestro who has always been the soul and the driving force in his capacity as Artistic Director.


An eclectic artist with multifaceted training, he graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Rome and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Alberto Canestro has always thought of his dance project as an artistic, artisanal, atelier, not only managing the choreography and the direction of his shows but also the costumes, from design to sartorial realisation and researching continually through new artistic associations, original creations of high quality.

The company consists of dancers that have been chosen and trained by him professionally.

Lyricdancecompany has had countless collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as composers, musicians, actors, video-makers, stylists and étoiles of dance.

The artistic presentations of Lyricdancecompany can not disregard the places where this reality began

and was lived out, finding inspiration in the history of art, nurturing beauty layered over the centuries, in a contemporary and classic language that is at the same time, Universal.

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